F i g l a r z

or what we do

Figlarz kindergarten and nursery in Bielsko-Biała is home, tradition, tolerance and acceptance. A place where your children’s needs are fully satisfied. We give them more than education every day – we give them a compassionate  look, an uplifting word and care. We follow the child in our daily work. It is the child that is most important. We help you, dear parents, with the care, education and upbringing of your child.

Upbringing of a little human being. We do not forget a carefree and joyful childhood. That is why Figlarz looks back with nostalgia and chooses what is essential for the proper development of cognitive functions. Figlarz is all about old-fashioned table and backyard games – classics, rubber bands, plasticine

and a stick stuck in the ground, becoming the centre of something very important. It’s nature and observing the world around you.

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Why is it worth it?

The playgroup also looks to the future. We skillfully weave into our daily work all that is new and helpful in education for the 21st century. A fresh outlook, innovative methods of working with children and drawing on global standards accompany us constantly in the educational process.
In intimate groups we recognise the potential of every child, our staff – using training and workshops – conducts creative and imaginative activities, during which children develop their competences, learn, get to know themselves, their immediate environment and the world. The huge number of activities in the groups and in our preschool community – often also involving parents – makes our preschool a place where we all learn important things.

We want – being both teachers and parents – for our children to derive extraordinary joy from their pre-school years while at the same time building a solid foundation for their future education.

The Figlarz kindergarten and nursery with English-language departments in Bielsko-Biała means a large dose of sport and physical activity, love of nature and passion for learning foreign languages. Everyone can become a Figlarz!


What makes us different

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Przedstawienie charytatywne dla Emilki

Za nami przestawienie charytatywne w języku angielskim „The Nutcracker”. Zbieraliśmy pieniążki dla Emilki z Jaworza na wsparcie leczenia Mukowiscydozy.



W Figlarzowej biblioteczce pojawił się spory zapas nowych książek.Każdy znajdzie tutaj coś dla siebie;)  Książki zostały zakupione dzięki wsparciu w ramach “Narodowego Programu Rozwoju Czytelnictwa 2.0 na lata 2021-2025”.


Otrzymane dofinansowanie

„NARODOWY PROGRAM ROZWOJU CZYTELNICTWA 2.0. NA LATA 2021-2025” PRIORYTET 3 NASZE PRZEDSZKOLE OTRZYMAŁO DOFINANSOWANIEW RAMACH PROGRAMU „Narodowy Program Rozwoju Czytelnictwa 2.0. na lata 2021-2025” Priorytet 3 w kwocie 3125,00 zł Wkład własny: 625,00 złKoszt całkowity to 2500,00 zł




22 April 2024